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Tips For Using Zoom For Job Interviews

This blog post is about Zoom, the popular video conferencing application for desktop and mobile devices, and how it is being used for the job interview process. Since the COVID-19, there has been a sudden transition from traditional meetings to virtual conference calls. Due to worldwide pandemic, the job interview process has taken an impact. For the prescreening process, Human Resource and Hiring managers are using Zoom in conjunction with phone calls. In this article, I provide tips for using Zoom for job interviews: the basics of using Zoom, creating an environment free from distractions, and creating a micro studio in your home office or garage.

Technical Tips and How To Prepare for a Zoom Call

These are the following tips for using Zoom: make sure to use a unique password for each scheduled and planned meeting, never post your meeting ID on social media channels, invite participants by direct email or text messages, disable screen sharing, lock the meeting, do not be afraid to oust unwanted participants, if needed mute participants who are not using their mic properly. I would recommend using a wired headset with a microphone. I have used an expensive headset with bluetooth, but the connection seems to erratically drop.

Prior to using Zoom for a job interview, I would rehearse with a friend or family. Please make sure that you are framed accordingly in the shoot. Please maintain your focus, practice speaking to the camera with conference. Please use appropriate body language. Please dress professionally. Avoid external distractions while video conferencing. Please make sure to silence your phone, and to notify family members or roommates that you are participating in a video call.

I would suggest using the desktop version of Zoom instead of the mobile versions, so you can easily frame your shoot. In this Post COVID-19 world, I would setup a micro studio in your home office or garage. Please make sure you have appropriate lightning, and a good backdrop. In my home studio, I set up a giant green screen in my garage with studio lights. I use this setup for video calls and production work.

On a side notes: Kevin Leary from Shark Tank, has a good video about setting up a studio in his apartment. When he does interviews for media publications, he converts his room into a studio. I’d definitely check it out.

Learn the Popular Video Conferncing Applications

In summary, the ongoing pandemic has changed the interview process forever. For the initial interview, especially for the top companies in Stamford, hiring managers are using video conferencing applications in droves. It is important to be familiar and know the ins-and-outs of these prominent and often ubiquitous applications, such as Zoom, Skype, and Google hangouts. Mastery of these video applications is key to succeeding with the job interview process.

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