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About: Stamford, Connecticut is a local job board for Stamford, located in Fairfield County along the gold coast of Connecticut. Stamford's proximity to New York City is a significant contributor to the city's robust economy. Stamford is a short train trip from Manhattan, making it an ideal location for businesses and professionals that desire proximity to the city but prefer a more suburban lifestyle. Moreover, the city offers a good quality of life, with a range of recreational and cultural events, a robust public school system, and a lot of parks and open spaces. Stamford is a city with a lively nightlife and annual cultural festivals, such as the famous summer music festival Live at Five. Stamford attracts professionals due of its year-round mix of enjoyable activities, affluence, and vibrant work culture.

Stamford, known as "The City That Works," is home to approximately 16,000 enterprises and numerous significant and influential corporations. Charter Communications, Harman International, and Point72 Asset Management are among the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Stamford. The city of Stamford contains the nation's highest concentration of corporations. Several big banks and hedge funds have a presence in the area, making the city a center for the financial services sector. The downtown district of Stamford, Connecticut (50 miles from New York City) remains a hub for finance and media production jobs. The headquarters of NBC Sports and WWE are in Stamford, Connecticut.

The city also offers a wide range of job opportunities in the healthcare, education, and non-profit sectors. Stamford Hospital, one of the largest employers in the city, is a major center for medical research and treatment, and the city is home to a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Connecticut and Sacred Heart University satellite Stamford campuses.

Stamford, Connecticut, in general, provides a wide variety of career prospects to professionals of varying levels of experience and educational backgrounds. It doesn't matter if you want a work in a huge corporation, a tiny startup, the healthcare industry, the school system, or the non-profit sector; Stamford is an excellent place to find employment opportunities.

The purpose of is to provide job seekers with a dynamic and growing list of job in the Stamford area. This web site provides job seekers with the empowering resources: current job listings in Stamford, how to prepare for interviews, stats on salaries in Stamford, and what questions are anticipated at interview, so jobseekers have a competitive advantage. These insightful and educational resources help job seekers find and obtain employment in the City of Stamford. is your guide to finding job openings from the top companies in Stamford.

Statistics on Stamford, Connecticut: Employment, Population, and Median Income

According to, the search engine for statistics and computational data, the population of Stamford is 122,643 people and the median household income is $78,201 US dollars per year. The median home price is $353,800, and the unemployment rate is 6.5% (June 2013). The nearby cites of Stamford are: Norwalk, and Bridgeport. The notable companies headquartered in Stamford, CT are: Thomson Reuters Corporation, Frontier Communications Corp, Pitney Bowes, Harman Industries Inc, and Silgan Holdings.

The City of Stamford: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The CTNext, a subsidiary of Connecticut Innovations is an organization that promotes entrepreneurship, will receive up to 2 million dollars in grant money to help startups in Stamford. Likewise, the Department of Labor promotes the First Five Program, a state-run program that offers financial support and incentives for large-scale business projects with the following goals in mind: "business expansion," "relocation," and "job creation." (Staff). is a local job board for Stamford, Connecticut

What makes different from other local job boards?

This web site is tied to the local community, and provides unique job listings that are not listed on big national job search engines. Also, this web site features tips and guides to help job seekers find employment, entrepreneur spotlights, company profiles, community-related events in Stamford, how-to job-related tutorials, and additional skill builder videos to help Stamford job seekers become more employable.

Keeping a Current Index of Jobs Located in Stamford, Connecticut

This quote summarizes what is about, and the overall purpose of this web site:

"Stamford is the bull's-eye when it comes to Connecticut growth. It's the state's fastest growing city with a stable tax base and, most important, a link to New York - which is projected to create 2 million jobs in the next generation" by Dan Has from the article A Lofty Goal of 500,000 Jobs Emerges From Economic Chaos, May 26th, 2016 (Courant).

Web Developer and Content Creator for

I have been researching companies in the Stamford area for over ten years. I had the idea for over twenty years ago. I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. I wanted to create a job portal and employment web site for Fairfield, but I decided to focus my time and energy on Stamford, Connecticut. I was inspired by the Connecticut 500 project; the initiative is about increasing employment by 500,000 jobs in the next twenty-five years (Jones). I launched in December of 2023. Stamford is known as The City That Works, and will accommodate the Connecticut 500 Project (along with its satellite web sites,, DarienJobs, and as the definitive platform for connecting Connecticut employers with local applicants.

I grew up in the 90s when Bulletin Boards Systems were popular, prior to web sites and the advent of the World Wide Web. is loosely based on local Bulletin Board System concept, a digital bulletin board system, but mainly focused on employment in the Stamford area. I am interested in professional development and computer programming, so combines both of my interests.

I am interested in web development, especially PHP and MySQL. This web site is a sandbox for building my skill set. I will incorporate more features as I learn more about the PHP server-side language, putting programming theory into practical use. My goal is to build a job board web site, and professional social network for the Tri-State area. Thank you, Ryan Content Guidelines

Terms of Service does not support MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) companies or promoting such businesses. Anything that appears deceptive will be deleted from comments, and removed immediately. The goal of the channel is to create an honest and transparent careers resource for job seekers and companies in the Stamford.

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The majority of images are from royalty-free stock photography web sites, such as Additional video and content is from the web master and freelance contributors. The articles and guides are under copyright.

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