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This article covers starting salary, cost of rent, and daycare in Stamford, CT

What is the cost of living in Stamford, Connecticut?

This blog post is about the cost of living in Stamford, Connecticut. This blog post is written for an entry-level employee/or recent college graduate who is starting his or her career in The City That Works. or average salary of an entry-level employee

Average Starting Salaries For Entry-Level Professionals in Stamford, CT

What is the average salary of an administrative assistant in Stamford, Connecticut?

I base these values on a junior-level administrative assistant position in the Stamford area. According to, the median annual administrative assistant salary in Stamford, Connecticut is $46,008 .00 as of March 29th, 2018. According to, the average salary is $49,784.00 in Stamford, Connecticut based on reports from April 18th, 2018. These salary estimates do not include bonus and benefit information that may factor into the base pay. Based on these salary estimates, the average salary is around $47.896.00 before taxes.

What is the take home-pay based on the average salary?

I am using with the average salary, $47,896.00, based on the average values from and I use, a personal finance tool to determine how much this individual is paying in taxes based upon the Trump tax plan in 2018. After taxes, FICA, State, and Federal, this single individual would have $37,924 as take home-pay. The taxable income is $9,972. These figures are based on the following link:

Rent and Daycare in Stamford, CT

What is the average rent in Stamford, Connecticut?

According to, the monthly average rent in Stamford is: $2,366.00. Compared to near by towns, Bridgeport is: $1,046.00 per month, and Greenwich is: $3,081.00. The most expensive neighborhoods in Stamford are Waterside($2,444.00), and West Side Stamford($2,444.00). These values are based on the web link: The total amount of yearly rent in Stamford, Connecticut would be: $28,392.00.

What is the average cost of daycare in Fairfield County?

The average cost of a nanny care in Connecticut is around $31,162.00, and the average cost of childcare in the Connecticut is around $19.521.00. These figures are from the CTMirror article: Average cost of child care in CT as much as in-state tuition. If I were to breakdown this amount, then the monthly childcare expense would be $1,626.75.

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