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Design Within Reach: Company Profile


Design Within Reach makes furniture that is based on chic designs from Europe. The goal of Design Within Reach is to make modern furniture accessible to the general public. Design Within Reach produces original designs, no reproductions or knockoffs. The furniture produced by Design Within Reach is built from premium materials and skilled craftspeople. The headquarters of Design Within Reach is located in Stamford, CT.

HR Business Partner at Design Within Reach/Herman Miller

Christie Zekanovic


Design Within Research
711 Canal St
Stamford, CT 06902

Design Within Research: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at Design Within Reach?

According to Glassdoor, the interview process at Design Within Reach is described as being straightforward. There is the initial phone interview followed up by an onsite interview with senior staff: the Vice President, two managers, and the President of the company. The interview questions are simple behavioral questions. The interview process can take up to 2 or 4 weeks.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at Design Within Research?

What's your sales style? How do you deal with rejection? What is one of the most satisfying moments you've experienced in your career or education? If I could bd a piece of furniture what would I be? I was asked to explain 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. What three things would you like us to remember about you when making our decision?

Does Design Within Research offer internships?

The internship program is described as being very well organized, and has may benefits, such as occasional free lunches, training, and networking events. There are usually 1 to 2 interns per department.

What benefits are offered at Design Within Research?

Design Within Reach offers multiple health care options, vision, dental, vacation, personal time off, and commuter benefits.

Job Openings at Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is hiring for the following positions below:

This company is not hiring at this time


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