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Founded in 1993, Greystar provides world-class service in the residential rental housing industry. Our innovative vertically integrated business model integrates the management, development and investment disciplines of the rental housing industry on international, regional and local levels. This unique approach and our commitment to hiring the best professionals have resulted in record growth, making us one of the most respected and trusted global real estate companies.

General Manager at Greystar

Cristina Leone

Regional Manager at Greystar

James Urso

General Manager at Greystar

Mario B.

How often does Greystar hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In August of 2021, there has been three job openings at the Atlantic apartment building complex. (Source: Based on the Greystar Career web site).


355 Atlantic St
Stamford, CT 06901

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Job Openings at Greystar

Greystar is hiring for the following positions:

This company is not hiring at this time

real estate

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