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Hedgeeye Company Profile


Hedgeeye Risk Management is a research investment and financial media company located in Stamford, Connecticut. Hedgeeye moved to Stamford a few years ago. Hedgeeye used to be located in New Haven, CT.


Keith McCullough

Human Resources

Tanya A Waite
Director of Human Resources at Hedgeeye Risk Management (in Stamford office)


Hedgeeye Risk Management
3 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

Hedgeeye Interview Guide

Interview Process and Questions

According to, there is a series of interviews, such as a phone interview and Google hangout chats. It is likely you will be interviewed by teams from different divisions at the company. The interview process can take up to two weeks.

Interview Questions: General for Analyst

Name a stock you have pitched and why? What is currently trading at? Valuation? The interviewer wants to know the step-by-step process for stock evaluation.

What type of perks does Hedgeeye offer employees?

Work-Life: Hedgeeye provides breakfast, snacks, and beverages daily, and optional standing workstations. There is flexible time off, flexible work schedules, and Summer Half-Day-Fridays.

Does Hedgeeye offer an Internship and Entry level position for college graduates?

Yes. Hedgeeye offers internships for college students.

Job Openings at Hedgeeye

Hedgeeye is hiring for the following positions below

This company is not hiring at this time


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