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Hubbard Day is a special education school in Stamford, Connecticut. Hubbard Day have been operating special education schools and programs since 2003 and service children with autism as well as other behavioral challenges, developmental delays and learning disabilities. The school provides 1:1 program, so that each students gets individual attention, whether that be special education instruction, therapy services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy or behavioral therapy.

CEO, Happy Hour 4 Kids, Inc.

Jonathan Trichter

How often does Hubbard Day hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

n November of 2021, there has been three job openings in the Stamford location. (source:


Hubbard Day
68 Southfield Ave
Stamford, CT

Job Openings at Hubbard Day

Hubbard Day is hiring for the following positions:

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