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Janus Associates: Company Profile


JANUS has the longest tenure of any independent IT security and business continuity firm in the nation. In business since 1988, JANUS has been in the forefront of providing quality IT-centric services long before hacking and the advent of government regulations. Organizations that understand the need to secure their data and protect their business interests rely on the professional team at JANUS.

Director at JANUS Associates, Inc.

Chris Kniffin

How often does JANUS Associates hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

For the month of January, 2021, there have been two job openings in the Stamford office.

Janus Associates
4 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

Job Openings at Janus Associates

Janus Associates is hiring for the following position(s):

This company is not hiring at this time

information technology

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