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Jones Lang LaSalle: Company Profile


Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) is a global commercial real estate services company, founded in the United Kingdom with offices in 280 countries. The company also provides investment management services worldwide, including services to institutional and retail investors, and to high-net-worth individuals. The company is ranked 189th on the Fortune 500. There is JLL satellite office located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at JLL

Christopher Stabile

How often does Jones Lang LaSalle hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In February, 2021, there has been two job openings in Stamford office.


Jones Lang LaSalle
100 1st Station Place
Stamford, CT 06902

Jones Lang LaSalle: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at Jones Lang LaSalle?

The interview process at JLL consists of prescreening phone and video interviews. The prescreening process consists of three interviewers with discussions about skills and past experiences. After the initial interview, there is a follow-up in-person interview. The face-to-face interview consists of problem-solving questions, and assessing how the applicant works in a team environment. The questions are mostly behavioral-based, and questions are based off the applicant's resume. Overall, the JLL interview process consists of the following: online application, situational judgement test, digital interview, and assessment day.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at Jones Lang LaSalle?

Why are you interested in commercial real estate? 2. What made you choose to apply to JLL? 3. Are you committed to becoming a broker after your time as an analyst is finished? What about JLL and this role made you reach out and apply? How did you deal with the conflict between coworkers? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How would you predict house prices? Difference between accrual accounting and cash accounting. What is JLL capital markets? What is JLL and what do we do? What is one experience that best demonstrated your leadership skills.Estimating surrounding building values.

Does Jones Lang LaSalle offer internship programs?

There are a variety of internship programs offered at Jones Lang LaSalle. JLL is looking for qualified interns to join our 2021 summer internship program. The ideal candidate should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of Commercial Real Estate. The program begins in June, and lasts eight to ten weeks. JLL is looking for students who are currently enrolled in business management, consulting, or real estate.

What benefits are offered at Jones Lang LaSalle?

Jones Lang LaSalle offers the following benefits in their PDF employment manual.

Job Openings at Jones Lang LaSalle

Jones Lang LaSalle is hiring for the following position(s):

This company is not hiring at this time

real estate

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