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Nielsen Sports: Company Profile


Nielsen Sports is the premier provider of analytics and insights within the sports industry, offering the most reliable source of independent and holistic market data in the sector and the most complete view of consumer trends and habits worldwide. Having acquired Repucom in 2016, Nielsen Sports has become the global leader in delivering tailoredcommercial solutions for teams, leagues, federations, brands, broadcasters and agencies. The goal of Nielsen Sports is to provide clients with the most complete understanding of consumers and markets worldwide. There is a Nielsen satellite office in Stamford, Connecticut.

Sr. Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Savannah Boales

How often does Nielsen Sports hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

For the month of December, 2020, there have been one job opening.


Nielsen Sports
1010 Washington Blvd,
Stamford, CT 06901

Nielsen Sports: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at Nielsen Sports?

The interview process at Nielsen Sports consists of a aptitude tests that include verbal, reasoning, and data interpretation questions. The assessments are made through a hiring platform, such as HireVue. After the assessment tests, the applicants, two phone interviews or virtual conferencing calls, and then an interview with a panel. The panel could be made up of three interviewers. It is likely that the candidate will have to put together a case study presentation for the panel. The interview questions are behavioral-based. The interview process at Nielsen Sports is described as being difficult on Glassdoor.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at Nielsen Sports?

Why do you choose this job? What qualities can you bring to this job? What is more important advertising or distribution Please briefly introduce yourself to us. Describe an experience when you have to be creative and how it goes? Define different stages of Product Life Cycle. Questions were about skills, softwares known, presentation capabilities... if you are an animal, what it will be and why? Tell me about a time you showed empathy, what do you know about us Logic questions and probability/stats Describe a time where there was conflict in completing a task before a deadline. How did you go about it? Why should we hire you for Market Research post? How would you measure performance? Why did I choose my major? When have I worked with statistics or data? Case question: Discussed what I would change/recommend based on hypothetical business strategy situations.

What benefits are offered at Nielsen Sports?

As noted in the official manual , Nielsen Sports offers a variety of benefits.

Nielsen Sports Job Openings in Stamford, CT

Nielsen Sports is hiring for the following positions:

This company is not hiring at this time


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