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Stamford, Connecticut-based Parkman Healthcare Partners is an investment firm with a primary concentration on the healthcare industry. We continually safeguard and increase wealth by drawing on our extensive prior industry knowledge as well as our intellectual curiosity. We look for new developments and business prospects in all areas of the health care industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, life science research, and service provision. Discovering innovations in healthcare that have a large potential for future expansion is a driving motivation for our team. Because we take an evidence-based approach, we are able to build a dynamic portfolio that accurately reflects value inflection points in medicine at any one point in time, regardless of how the standard of care develops over time.

Our team is committed to our rigorous research process and collaboration to inform our investment decisions. We are always seeking highly ambitious and intellectually curious people who are passionate about healthcare to join our team. We have locations in Stamford, CT and New York, NY. To learn more, please contact us at: RECRUITING@PARKMANHP.COM

How often does C2 Parkman Healthcare Partners hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In January of 2023, there has been two job openings in the Stamford area. (Career Section of Parkman Healthcare Partners).

Parkman Healthcare Partners

Job Openings at Parkman Healthcare Partners

Parkman Healthcare Partners is hiring for the following position(S):

This company is not hiring at this time


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