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Perfect Power is a private equity-backed company focused on the acquisition, development, and operations of battery energy storage assets. The electric grid is transitioning from a centralized system, to one more distributed, renewable and accessible to power users. Changing regulation, renewable mandates, stricter environmental regulations, evolving system load profile, increased supply intermittency, new customer needs, and technological advancement are the key drivers for changing the 100-year-old paradigm. The Perfect Power team, having deep expertise in power generation, renewable energy and energy storage, as well as a proven track record of asset development and management, is well poised to capture this opportunity. Perfect Power currently owns and operates a portfolio of grid-scale battery energy storage project in Texas and is in various stages of evaluation and development on a pipeline of energy storage projects totaling over 1 gigawatt. Perfect Power is a portfolio company of SER Capital Partners, an independent, middle-market private equity firm dedicated to investing in North America’s sustainable industrial, environmental, and renewable businesses.

Director of Engineering/Project Management at Perfect Power LLC

Lars Lisell

How often does Perfect Power hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In June of 2022, there has been one job posted in the Stamford area.

Perfect Power
201 Broad Street, Suite 400
Stamford, CT 06901, US

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