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Price Water House Coopers: Company Profile


Price Water House Coopers, known as PWC, is a global network of firms covering the following specialties: world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services. PWC is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. PWC clients include: Bank of America, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, IBM, and United Technology. One of PWC's satellite offices is located in Stamford, Connecticut. This office is part of the tax solutions division.

Human Resources Manager

Yanina Lapitskaya


Price Water House Coopers
300 Atlantic Street.
Stamford, CT 06901

Price Water House Coopers: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at Price Water House Coopers?

According to Glassdoor, there is an in-person interview with the hiring manager, and then the final interview with a partner of the firm via video chat, Zoom or Skype. The format of the interview consists of behavioral questions, but the entire process seems more conversational than a regular formal interview. Overall, the interviewer wants to see if your responses align with PWC's values. In the mix of questions, there could be a situational judgement test. The purpose of this exam is to assess the attributes of a potential candidate, such as way of thinking, and the willingness to take risks. The test measures creativity over performance. At the end of the test or interview, there could be a case study.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at Price Water House Coopers?

One ethical question. What will you do when you find your co-work is doing something wrong? What is a time you had to lead a group of people and what were some obstacles you encountered? Asked questions relating to resume and project experience. All very personal to what your experience has been. Mostly conversational. Tell me about a time where you had to learn a new type of technology or system, and how did you do it What makes you a great leader and why? There was a case study, 2 technical interviews, and a behavioral interview.

Does Price Water House Coopers offer internship programs?

PWC offers internships in the following departments: advisory, tax and legal, and assurance. There is a comprehensive internship page on the PWC web site with testimonies, and a search feature for students and graduates. The internship program consists of the following: training, client experiences, leadership development experience, PWC's shadow experience, community service, and intern networking events.

What benefits are offered at Price Water House Coopers?

PWC offers the following benefits: a healthcare plan with dental and vision coverage, 3 to 4 weeks of vacation time, 8 weeks of paid maternity leave with 2 weeks additional for having twins or more, adoption and surrogacy expense reimbursement up to $25,000, commuter benefits, tuition reimbursement, employee bonuses, and Dependent Care Flexible Spending account for daycare and elder care.

Job Openings at Price Water House Coopers

Price Water House Coopers is hiring for the following positions below:

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