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Solebury Trout: Interview Guide


Solebury Trout provides investor relations, corporate communications and market access to private and public companies across industry sectors. Solebury Trout advises corporate and financial sponsor clients, offering independent advice, experienced judgment and transaction management services during the capital-raising process. Solebury Trout is a subsidiary of PNC. There is Solebury Trout satellite office in Stamford, Connecticut.

CO-CEO at Solebury Trout

Jeff Grossman

How often does Solebury Trout hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

For the month of November, 2020, there have been four job openings.

Possible Career Paths at Solebury Trout

The separate divisions at Solebury Trout are listed here: Business Services, Clean Technology, Consumer Spending, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials, Life Sciences, and Real Estate.


Solebury Capital
1010 Washington Blvd
Stamford, CT 06901

Solebury Trout: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at Solebury Trout?

The interview process at Solebury Trout is based on behavior-related questions. The virtual interview is conducted through the web portal, HireVue. Based on the Glassdoor interview, HireVue is used as the initial screen platform. The final round of questions is referred to Superday. The in-person round consists of two thirty minutes interviews. During these final assessments, the interviewer asks questions to decide whether or not the candidate fits into the company culture.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at Solebury Trout?

Only behavioral questions were asked. What do you do if you have an urgent task to do and how do you re-prioritize? What makes you interested in PNC? Why did you choose this specific role? Explain the current trends in Asset Management Tell us about something which makes you unique. you should tell me about yourself? What does customer service mean to you? How would you describe a risk management process? Tell me about yourself and what are your interests With lots of competitors, why PNC? Why do you want to work at PNC? Describe your experience at your previous job?

Does Solebury Trout offer internship programs?

There is a summer internship program at Solebury Trout/PNC that lasts 10 weeks. The programs very in length and location, depending on the line of business. The internship program includes peer mentors, and the opportunity to work side by side with PNC professionals.

Job Openings at Solebury Trout

Solebury Trout is hiring for the following positions:

This company is not hiring at this time


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