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The Stamford Museum & Nature Center, located in Stamford, Connecticut, is an art, history, nature, and agricultural sciences museum. The property covers 118 acres (ca. 48 hectares) beginning about half a mile north of the Merritt Parkway. It was originally a private estate.

Located in the woods of North Stamford, Connecticut, the 118-acre museum property is home to a 10-acre working farm, a Tudor-style museum and gallery which hosts exhibitions, an interactive nature center, 80 acres of outdoor trails, a large planetarium, a 4-story observatory with a research telescope, an otter pond, and a large playground designed for children to experience animals' perspective on nature.

Human Resources Business Partner

Laura Saunders

How often does The Stamford Museum & Nature Center hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In March, 2021, there has been four job openings at the Stamford Musum and Nature Center (source: careers section on the web site).

Stamford Museum & Nature Center
39 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford CT 06903

Job Openings at Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Stamford Museum & Nature Center is hiring for the following position(s):

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