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Stamford Pediatric Associates: Company Profile


Stamford Pediatric Associates was incorporated in 1971 by the founding partners, Drs. Rainville, Zimmern and Danoff. Its original location was a converted residential home at 1867 Summer Street in Stamford. By 1995, the practice had outgrown its original house. Seeking updated facilities and more parking, we moved to our current location on Summer Street in 1995. The next year we opened our second office in Darien in order to serve a wider geographic area. This office has become extremely popular with families who live in Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton and Greenwich.

Pediatrician at Stamford Pediatric Associates

Marisa Rommeney

Nurse at Stamford pediatric associates

Jenelle Escaravage

How often does Stamford Pediatric Associates hire per month in Connecticut?

In September of 2021, there has been two job openings at Stamford Pediatric Associates (Source:


Stamford Pediatric Associates
1275 Summer Street, Suite 301
Stamford, CT 06905

Job Openings at Stamford Pediatric Associates

Stamford Pediatric Associates is hiring for the following positions:

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