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Stokke: Company Profile


Stokke AS is a Norwegian company founded in Alesund, in the north-western part of Norway. Stokke provides worldwide distribution through selected retailers represented in around fifty countries. Our vision In the best interest of the child , is the cornerstone of our product innovation, development, and production. Each Stokke product is developed to stimulate the child's ongoing development through their ability to allow the bond between parent and child to grow through strong visual contact and interaction. We believe in creating unique, functional and long-lasting products, attractively designed with a wide variety of accessories to provide, support, and promote well-being for both parent and child.

Head of Global HR at Stokke

Thomas Hamer

How often does Stokke hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In July of 2021, there is one job opening in the Stamford area.


5 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905

Job Openings at Stokke

Stokke is hiring for the following positions:

This company is not hiring at this time


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