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TheraCare has been working for more than 25 years to set the standards for excellence in programs that offer a wide range of health, developmental, and educational services. Professionals work together with families, communities, and children to help each child reach his or her fullest potential.

Recruiter specializing in hiring professionals working with children on the Autism Spectrum

Brittney Soriano

According to, Brittney Soriano makes the hiring decisions for TheraCare positions in Stamford, Connecticut, or the general Tri-State area.

How often does Theracare hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

In February of 2023, there has been three job openings in the Stamford area. (source: Indeed).

10 Mott Ave, Suite 3A
NorwalkCT, 06854

Job Openings at Theracare

Theracare is hiring for the following position(S):

This company is not hiring at this time


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