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United Rentals: Company Profile


United Rentals, Inc. is the world's largest equipment rental company, with about 13 percent of the North American market share as of 2019. It owns the largest rental fleet in the world with about 660,000 rental units totaling about $14.2 billion in original equipment cost. The company has a workforce of approximately 18,800 employees, and operates 1,186 locations across 49 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and four European countries. In 2017, United Rentals' revenue totaled more than $6.64 billion, with over $1.35 billion in profit. It is ranked #424 on the Fortune 500, and #1183 on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest public companies. United Rentals is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Human Resources Manager at United Rentals

Trish Morales

How often does United Rentals hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

For the month of January, 2021, there have been five job openings in Stamford corporate office.

Possible Career Paths: Sales, Field Management, Transportation and Logistics, Service and Maintenance, and Corporate.


United Rentals
224 Selleck St
Stamford, CT 06902

United Rentals: Interview Guide

What is the interview process at United Rentals?

The interview process at United Rentals consists of a phone interview with a manager, and then a second group phone interview. The first interview is about getting to know you and your background while the second and third parts are about the job, and how your skills match up with the position. The in-person interview consists of a panel with a brand manager and the district sales manager. There are typical interview questions addressed, such as experience and technical questions. The interview process can take up to a month. As described on Glassdoor, the interview process is lengthy. There could be a drug test and background checks. There could be lives sales scenario, personality and competency quizzes required. Overall, the interview process at United Rentals consists of three interviews.

What questions, concerns, or scenarios might be addressed during an interview at United Rentals?

Explain a scenario where you had to go above and beyond your job functions to complete a project. How did you feel? Did it get done? Why are you looking to leave your current employer? What was it about United Rentals that made you apply? Describe a time when you took on some other project or task in addition to your normal duties. Provide some details on how you are able to grow your accounts? Describe the difference between gas and Diesel engines. What do you know about the construction industry? How does your previous work history help prepare you for this position? Questions asked were behavioral based and geared toward prior employment experiences. Was not very difficult, but was a long process. Are you currently being considered for any other positions? If so, what is your status? What are your career goals in the next 5 years?

What internships are offered at United Rentals?

United Rentals offers an entry level program for recent graduates, the Sales Development Program. Usually, new graduates start in the Sales Associate program first, and then transition to different roles in the company. The program involves mentors and customer service training.

What benefits are offered at United Rentals?

There is a comprehensive list of benefits listed on the United Rentals career portal.

Job Openings at United Rentals

United Rentals is hiring for the following position(s):

United Rentals  Logo

Senior Analyst

United Rentals

Company Category: logistics   Source: Company Career Section

Posted:   12-20-2023       Job Category:  information technology


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