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Wunderland Group: Staffing Profile


At WunderLand we're zealous about helping our customers increase customer reach, engagement, advocacy, and brand loyalty through digital, creative, marketing and communications channels. WunderLand's mission is to be the go-to partner for digital, creative, and sales enablement services, and a premier employer for creative and digital specialists. As part of our Wunderland community, we provide industry experts with meaningful work, and access to peers and tools, allowing them to build their careers over time with marquee clients. By investing significant time with our clients and consultants, our mission translates into an engaged workforce that delivers consistently superior quality of work at the speed of the market.

Digital, UX and Creative Recruiter at WunderLand Group

Daniella Dennisor, CSP

Senior Talent Engagement Manager at WunderLand Group

Devin Clarke

Talent Engagement Manager at WunderLand Group

Brad Eaton

Wunderland has previous posted jobs in the Stamford area.

Wunderland Group
Located in Empire State Buildling
350 5th Ave Suite 4510,
New York, NY

Job Openings at Wunderland Group

Wunderland Group is hiring for the following positions:

This company is not hiring at this time

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