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ECS evolved from our award-winning, federally recognized flagship school, Bronx Excellence, also known as the Bronx Charter School for Excellence (BCSE). BCSE opened in 2004 serving students in grades K and 1 and has since grown to a full-blown elementary school and middle school ultimately housing K-8 in Parkchester. Recently the Bronx Excellence family has grown. Last year welcomed Bronx Excellence 5 in the West Bronx/Crotona area. The ECS network extended into the tri-state area with Stamford Excellence, a growing Pre-K - 5th grade charter elementary school in Stamford, CT. All ECS academies will grow into full service elementary and middle schools, in 2020 we will serve 4,000 scholars across 5 campuses.

Senior Human Resources Manager at Excellence Community Schools

Ayisha Garraway

How often does Excellence Community Schools hire per month in Stamford, Connecticut?

n July of 2021, there has been five job openings in the Stamford area (based on the company page).


Excellence Commuity Schools
1 Schuyler Ave,
Stamford, CT 06902

Job Openings at Excellence Commuity Schools

Excellence Commuity Schools is hiring for the following positions:

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